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A pool is a beautiful piece of art that can transform your sizzling summer days from tiring, to fun– just the way you like it.  But there is no way you are getting in that dirty pool you have neglected all winter, but who has the time or the proper equipment to get in that pool and clean it themselves?  There’s no problem because we are happy to take care of that hard and messy work for you.  Here at Orange Park Pool Supply, we offer comprehensive solutions to all of your pool cleaning, pool supply, and all the pool maintenance problems in-between that you may have, with reliable and affordable service that outdoes our competitors.

One of the most common problems that occurs when you leave your pool unmaintained is calcium buildup.  But what does calcium buildup actually look like?  They are the small flakes and scales that form on your pool tiles even in the most covered and protected pools; those flakes and scales are what causes your pool to look dirty, dusty, and dull over time.  In order to remedy this loss of sheen, our expert pool cleaning services including acid washing goes beyond the pool skimming that your neighbor kids do, to finishing the job with services such as tile scrubbing and tile vacuuming.  Here, we understand that the condition of your pool says something about a person, and so we take pride in assuring our pool cleaning equipment is top quality to ensure the cleanest pool you could ever own.

At Orange Park Pool Supply, our customer service representatives are ready to talk about all things pool service and pool cleaning with you during our business hours.  From the time that you go ahead and give us that first nervous call to the beginning of your real summer in your radiant pool, our team of professionals are dedicated to bringing you the most satisfying and excellent pool care and pool cleaning services on the market today.  Just see our long track record, and you can see that we have the experience and knowledge that comes with many years of creating positive and lasting relationships with our customers regarding pool repair Fort Lauderdale.

So what are you waiting for?  By the time you decide today is the day you want to go for a swim, it could already be too late!  Pool season is much too short-lived, and the only thing left standing between you and the beautiful summer romance with your gorgeous, sparkling pool, is only taking that first step and give us a call!